GoPro Karma Drone - An Amazing Package

Most of us are new to Drones, the technology has literally leapt onto the retail shelves and continues to get better and better at a rapid rate.
If your interest has been sparked then you'll be wondering what all the technology is about and probably a little baffled as to how to dip your toe in. The Gopro Karma is a great place for you to start and here is why. 
Firstly GoPro is probably a name you do know, for their very popular, tried and tested adventure cameras like the HERO. The cameras have become so popular that you may already own one, if not you would have seen the spectacular footage on youtube.


So GoPro already have a great camera with great support. That very same camera is integrated into the Gopro Karma Drone, so when you purchase a Gopro Karma you will get the HERO Camera as well. That is very very cool.
GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Karma Grip

Add to that the special stabilising mount that the Camera is attached to is also detachable. It's also called the KARMA and it slides out of the drone body to give you an amazing hand-held stabiliser for the included HERO camera.
karma grip

A Great Bundle

So you can see where I am heading here, the combined value is fantastic, and if you do choose to invest in a drone, you dont just get a fixed drone that is ONLY for flying, you get a top of the range adventure camera and a very cool hand held stabilising mount.
Obviously none of this is great unless the drone itself is. It is!
Independent testers and reviewers have rated the Karma Drone
"The easiest to fly, thanks to a user-friendly UI and an intuitive controller that doesn’t require a smartphone."
GoPro Karma Drone
A Note to anyone that already has a GoPro HERO 4,5 or 6. You can also purchase the Karma Drone without the Camera here.
For Features and Specs on the Karma Drone click here.
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