Canon RF - EOS > EOS-R Mount Adapter with drop-in CP Filter

Save $50.95

Adapt EF & EF-S lenses to EOS R and add drop-in filters.

Shoot with any EF or EF-S lens on your EOS R series camera

Canon’s EF-EOS R Drop In Filter Mount Adapter gives you the flexibility to shoot with any EF or EF-S lens on an EOS R mirrorless camera.

Add drop in filters to your existing EF and EF-S lenses

The Drop in Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R adds a Circular Polarizing or a Variable Neutral Density filter to your EF or EF-S lens when shooting with EOS R.

Variable ND Filter for daytime long exposures

The drop in variable neutral density (ND) filter allows density to be controlled from ND3 – ND500 which is equivalent to 1.5 – 9 f-stops.

Canon EF and EF-S lens range

Boasting over 70 lenses covering a focal length range from 8mm to 800mm, the Canon EF lens range covers your every photographic need.