EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM


Take mesmerising macro shots in 1.0x life-size from a distance.

Share intricate details with this telephoto macro lens

Take authentic, life-size close-ups of insects and wildlife from further away with ease thanks to the longer EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens.

Tell the stories of nature in L-Series quality

Boasting L-Series quality, this professional lens combines outstanding image definition and ultimate performance for magnificent magnification.

Whisper silent operation gets you up closer with nature

The lens's ring USM auto focus with manual override employs ultrasonic frequency vibrations for fast and virtually silent operation.

Super Spectra coating ensures vivid colour definition

Nature will never be more beautiful than with the results of accurate colour balance, high contrast and absorbed light suppressing flare and ghosting.