Feiyu Tech SPG Live Smartphone Gimbal


Feiyu Tech's SPG Live 3-axis motorised gimbal for Apple or Android smartphones has been updated with a stack of improvements. Evolving from the G4 series of gimbals, it now includes a Bluetooth  shutter remote so you don't have to touch the screen, increased upgraded battery life up to 8 hours, two 1/4 inch tripod mounts and the vertical recording mode for panoramic pictures and social media sharing. Instantly turn your high-res smartphone into a stabilised video camera.


  • Control joystick. 
  • Protective neoprene case
  • Vertical recording mode for panorama and social video.
  • Single 22650 Li-ion battery, providing up to 8 hours of use.
  • Bluetooth remote shutter control for handsoff operation
  • Direct USB charging. 
  • Dual 1/4 inch tripod mount, bottom and side.
  • Suits phones from 50mm to 80mm in width.

Compatible Phones

iPhone 5, iPhone 6/7, iPhone 6/7 Plus and similar sized phones