JOBY SeaPal Waterproof Case & Accessories Kit

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SeaPal Waterproof Case for smart phone

The ultimate Smartphone waterproof, shockproof and dustproof housing, SeaPal is the tool you need to get in the water and give your content the WOW factor you’ve always wanted. Never miss any opportunities leaving your phone behind on the boat, shore or by the pool worried about water damage, let SeaPal transform the way you think about capturing the underwater moments you’ve always dreamed of using the camera you already know and love.

Accessories included with kit:

- SeaPal 6" Dome & SeaPal 6" Dome Cover

Take your smartphone photography to the next level with the SeaPal Dome. The SeaPal Dome is a 6” acrylic dome that connects to your SeaPal
Waterproof Case. With the SeaPal Dome installed on your SeaPal Waterproof Case, you can capture crystal clear underwater images as well as the ever popular over/under style images where you can see above and below the waters surface at the same time.

The SeaPal Dome supports the new Ultra Wide Lens on the latest phone models, allowing you to push the boundaries of underwater photography straight from your phone.

The SeaPal 6" Dome Cover is the perfect choice for SeaPal 6" Dome protection and care. The SeaPal Dome Cover is designed to protect the element from damage whilst the port is either on the waterproof case or not in use.

Made from 4.5mm, High Stretch neoprene, with a tough, highly abrasion resistant Nylon Jersey, laminated inside and out. The neoprene cover neatly stretches over your valuable dome and all-important elements, from uninvited shocks and sharp objects.

Covers can be cleaned and washed in cold soapy water, rinse and air dry.

- SeaPal Bluetooth Shutter Grip

The SeaPal Bluetooth® Shutter Grip adds superior control over your phone so you never miss a shot. It is designed to provide better responsiveness and feedback through the round shutter button. The ergonomic design of the grip mean it is comfortable and feels secure in your hands. It securely mount your SeaPal Phone Case with 2 screws. Durable Polycarbonate Construction makes it not only waterproof, dustproof, shockproof but also long lasting.

- SeaPal GoMount

The GoMount for SeaPal allows for the SeaPal Waterproof Case to be mounted to any existing mounts, grips or devices originally designed for use with GoPro cameras. The GoMount comes with all mounting hardware to secure to your SeaPal Waterproof Case.

- SeaPal Sports Leash

This SeaPal Sports Leash was designed specifically for use with the SeaPal Waterproof Case. The leash will keep the housing tethered to your wrist, even in heavy surf. Comfortable neoprene cuff with thick braided cord. Built tough to ensure comfort and maximum strength. This simple design is the perfect length for use on the SeaPal Waterproof Case on any occasion.