Rotolight NEO 3 Light Kit (Includes Color FX Filters, Stands, Hard Wheel Case)

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The Rotolight NEO 3 Light Kit is built upon the next generation of on-camera LED lighting, the Rotolight NEO, a revolutionary on or off camera LED lighting fixture designed for the most demanding of professionals. NEO’s Bicolor LED system with AccuColor delivers exceptional color rendering (CRI:95+), and fast, tunable color on location thanks to the accurate color temperature display (CCT).

NEO includes three groundbreaking features that set it apart from the field. Designer Fad mode for custom fade up / fade down production effects, True Aperture Dimming to accurately calculate the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance and Cinematographic Special FX (CineSFX) to provide customisable creative visual lighting effects on set or location (Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb, Police & TV).

The Rotolight NEO 3 light kit is the ultimate location/studio lighting kit and includes 3 x NEO lighting fixtures, 22 filters (including diffusion, skin tone, magenta and colour FX), compact lighting stands, hot-shoe adapters, 360º ball head swivels, and power supplies, all of which fits into an injection-molded, impact-resistant case, which includes wheels and retractable handle, ideal for airline travel. Delivering powerful performance in a compact package, the NEO 3 Light Kit can be a secret weapon wherever a key light, fill, extra kick or catch-light is needed.