Wonderful AD-096C Digital Hygrometer Dry Cabinet 90L

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Key Features
  • External Dimensions:W404*D373*H756
  • Internal Dimensions:W375*D345*H706
  • Capacity:90L
  • Trays:4
  • Hygrometer and Dehumidifier
  • Maintains RH between 35% to 60%
  • Internal Automatic Humidity Control
  • Clear Glass Door with lock
  • Foam pads on base and shelf linings
  • Adjustable Shelf Height
  • Black matte steel finish
  • Low electricity consumption
  • High Quality Metal Construction
  • Ideal for big camera bodies
  • 5 Years Genuine Australian Warranty

The Wonderful Electronic Dry-Cabinet is designed to create the perfect storage environment to protect precision equipment including camera equipment, specialised tools, laboratory /biotechnology applications, semiconductor products, digital storage, storage applications optics, and other media. This light and portable cabinet is available in a variety of sizes with a intuitive control system to manage humidity to keep your equipment in optimal condition in any environment.

Designed and manufactured by Zhuhai Aitop Industrial Development Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, they spent 16 years developing the Wonderful Electronic Dry-Cabinet to ensure they delivered the highest quality product available in the market today.

The need for such a product came from fundamental development showing that over a quarter of the world's defective products in the electronics industry and industrial manufacturing are destroyed by moist air, costing companies millions of dollars per year.

Take into consideration the erratic climate we are now experiencing in Australia and around the world.  The Australian climate is governed by its sheer size and with varied seasonal highs and lows, temperatures can range from above 50 °C (122 °F) to below zero with relative humidity up to 90% along the east coast and as low as 20% across central Australia.  The Wonderful Electronic Dry-Cabinet can protect your precious equipment in any environment anywhere in the world.