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Drift HD 1080

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All the great features  wireless remote control, colour LCD screen, rotatable wide-angle lens, digital zoom, night mode, 170 degree field of view, full HD recording, 60 frames per second slow motion, rechargeable battery, provision for external mic, and standard tripod mount connection.

So what's the benefit of a rotatable lens? Well, it allows you to mount the camera in any position you want - on its side, upside down, wherever - then simply rotate the lens until the shot is level. No need to flip the footage during the edit. And if you deliberately want an angled view, the LCD screen lets you see it before you commit.

But the Drift HD1080 also boasts an impressive range of new features:

New replaceable lens cover. Now just unscrew it to easily replace a scratched lens.

 New CMOS imaging sensor increases still photo resolution from 5MP to 9MP.

New rear cover design. The hatch is now removable and has a centre screw to hold it in place. It also comes with a second rear cover with rubberised cut-outs for the USB and mic ports, so you can connect cables while the camera remains closed. You no longer need to leave the rear door hinged open when connecting.

 New industry-standard 2.5mm external mic input plug.

New micro-HDMI port for direct replay to an HD TV.

New grippy design for the helmet/goggle mount and a new longer wrist-strap for the Remote Control.

 Now uses MicroSD memory cards.

The box comes with a full set of helmet and goggle mounts plus a remote control with wrist-strap, standard battery, spare rear door and USB cable.

Product Code: DRI8N6A762


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